Sveio Reiseliv

Reiseliv , hytter ,kultur og overnatting i Sveio


Here you may read about how to get to and from Sveio, and which means of communications we have in our council.

By car

  • Arriving from east, ex from Oslo, follow the E134 to Tysvær council. Here you take E39 N(marked Bergen).
  • Arriving from sosuth, ex from Stavanger, follow E39 that passes through Sveio from south-east to north.
  • Arriving from Haugesund or Karmøy you follow RV47.
  • Arriving from north, ex from Stord or Bergen, you followE39S and reach Sveio through a bridge and a subsea tunnel.(8 km, 262 m deep).
  • Arriving from Bømlo, there are two possibilities.Either carferry from Langevåg to Buavåg, or through a bridge and a subsea tunnel (E39).

By plane

There is no airport in Sveio, although we have four airports within 3 hrs ride. Nearest and most conveniant is it via Haugesund lufthavn, Karmøy. From here you can go by bus or taxi via Haugesund, 20-50 km. distance depending of where in Sveio you want to go. Also by plane via Flesland, Bergen or Sola, Stavanger and Sørstokken, Stord is it easy to reach Sveio.(There is always a Bus !)

By bus

  • There is bus service from Haugesund to Buavåg (carferry to Langevåg and Bømlo), Auklandshamn og Rød.
  • Bus service from Haugesund to Haukås and Valevåg.
  • Expres bus service (Kystbussen) between Stavanger and Bergen passes through Sveio and Haugesund every second hour. (On Fridays and Sundays, every hour).

See a council map. Click on the map to enlarge a part of it.