Sveio Reiseliv

Reiseliv , hytter ,kultur og overnatting i Sveio

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In the forest and on outlying fields you may: Trawel on your feets, go skiing, ride horseback or on a bike. Row, sail,paddle and swim in rivers and waters. Tent camping for two nights on the same spot. Pick berries, mushrooms, and ordinary wild flowers.

But please observe: Do not harm any trees or other vegetation. It is forbidden to use open fire between April the 15th and September the 15th. Do not leave any rubbish – bring it back to your waste disposer. Dogs must be kept on a leash year around. Hunting and fishing in freshwaters need special permits.

Show respect for all animals and birds in the nesting periods. Show respect for all living and for private properties (Remember to close all gates after you).

We appreciate that you use the nature in Sveio, but ask you to take care and show respect so that also the new generations may have the same good experiences in the nature as we.

Travel assurance is important, you don’t know what can happen when you travel.